YamStory is a v75 maplestory private server. we just started so theres not many players. this is the forum for help and shit.
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 Coder App Format

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PostSubject: Coder App Format   Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:32 pm

Required to submit an Application:
1. You must introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread. (we WILL check)
2. You must play the game for at least 2 days before submitting an App.
3. You must be familiar will all of the current Staff.
4. You must get along will the majority of the Staff.
Please follow this Format when submitting a Coder App. If you don't follow this Format, your App will be Declined without question.

You can add more questions if you want.


In-game Name:



Languages Known:

How much are you online:

How often do you go on Vacation?:

Why do you want to be a coder for YamStory?:

How much coding experience do you have? [How many years, and how many servers have you coded for? Please provide proof.]:

What is your strong point in coding?:

Your Personality:

Other Info:

Please do not beg do be a Coder. Do not PM an Admin asking them to make a Coder. If you do either, your name will be recorded, and you will never be hired as a Coder. Possibly banned depending on the level of your begging.
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Coder App Format
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