YamStory is a v75 maplestory private server. we just started so theres not many players. this is the forum for help and shit.
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 GameMaster Rules

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PostSubject: GameMaster Rules   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:36 pm

1. dont make proitems for non GM's
2. dont level up a player.
3. dont give a player mesos, dont give a player NX cash, they can buy it in the shop
5. do not disconnect players or GM's. do it only if necessary.
6.dont change a players name unless they ask for it.
7.do not warp players to you, do not warp all the players to you.
8. do not give a VIP pass.
9.do not ban a player without a reasonable reason.
10. do not kill players.
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GameMaster Rules
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